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Ann Bow: Know the Benefits of Glycerin Soaps

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You have certainly heard or seen in the composition of some product the presence of glycerin, right ?! This element, without color or taste, is present in the formulation of various cosmetic and beauty products, such as shampoos, conditioners and soaps, as well as various makeup items.
Glycerin is a clear, viscous liquid widely used as a raw material for many products as it offers skin protection. It maintains the softness and flexibility of the skin of the face and body due to its moisturizing ability. This means that it attracts water and thus the cells become more attached to each other, providing extra protection and even facilitating the absorption of other substances.
Another benefit of glycerin is that it is effective in reducing dermatitis, accelerating the repair of damaged tissues due to its antibacterial action. With this, it is also widely used in the prevention of aging.
With all these benefits in mind, Memphis has a glycerine brand, Ann Bow. With products composed of fresh and natural perfumes, it is ideal for those who value nature, softness and simplicity. The products are available in rose, herbal, glycerine, lavender, jasmine and lemon sicilian versions.
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