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Biocrema Moisturizing Soap presents new perfume

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The Biocrema Moisturizing Soap has a new scent and now has a sweeter and creamy fragrance. With a jasmine floral scent and vanilla notes, it features a comfy, vanilla-poignant bottom, which makes it sweeter.

The Biocrema Moisturizing foam has also become a clean, creamy and modern floral foam. The formula of the soap, which combines cotton oil with Aloe Vera extract remains the same, providing skin care with care and softness. This makes it soft, hydrated and protected.

The Biocrema brand is aimed at those who value beauty, well-being, affection and care about hydration and special care. It features soothing perfumes and cosmetic floral fragrances that combine notes of Bulgarian roses with woody essences, musk and vanilla.

Products from Biocrema's Aveia line can be found in pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarket chains throughout Brazil, in addition to our Online Store.

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