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New format Biocrema Soap

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Soap Biocrema presents unique and more ergonomic shape

Memphis's Biocrema Soaps look new and now feature a unique, sliding shape that makes them more convenient to use. Available for all lines, with its moisturizing formula, the soaps have components that guarantee smoothness and a pleasant sensation of softness and hydration in the skin.

In order to create a cleaner design, the line of mold closure was thrown as low as possible. This resulted in a cleaner bar, by virtue of the release of space for the convolutions of the drawing to carve the sides of the bar to the top. The soap also has a diagonal curvature at the top, which promotes a twisting effect, thus making it more ergonomic.

The bar was renumbered, from the idea that the soap is considered a food for the skin. Therefore, more than a new design, the proposal was to create a new meaning within the imaginary of the one who uses and new emotional connections that involve the senses, like the vision, the touch and the smell. The result is a perfect soap, with a unique shape, for those who value well-being and a pleasant sensation of softness in the skin.

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