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Shaving Foam is Senador's new bet

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The Senador brand presents its newest bet for the masculine perfumery market, the shaving foams. Integrating the category of premium products, they deliver hydration, protection and high perfumes, thus meeting the demand of modern men, the practicality.
Featuring up to 110 applications, the Senador Beard Foam allows for easy scattering and a light touch. Its formula with sunflower oil has healing properties, which help to keep skin soft and moisturized after shaving. The creamy foam helps to form a protective film that helps protect against the blade and against dryness of the skin.
Seneca Beard Foams are available in the Platinum and Seduction fragrances already known to the brand. The Platinum combines soft, fresh chords composed of aldehyde notes and a body with lavender and cloves, while the Seduction fragrance has a subtle and authentic aroma, as well as extremely woody notes.
The product is already available in pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarket chains throughout Brazil, in addition to e-commerce www.memphisbr.com.br

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