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Skin Care on Cooler Days

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The cold is coming! At this time of year, more homemade programming begins, such as a fondue with wine or a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. They also start the trips to tourist towns of the mountain range, which has a lower temperature. However, although the cold weather is charming, it does not do very well to the skin.
The low temperatures and dry air reduce the natural oiliness and the amount of sweat, causing the dryness and leaving the skin whitish and without air. In addition to the possibility of itching, cracking and discomfort. Some care can help you enjoy the season without fear of your skin drying out. Check out:
1. Do not skimp on moisturizing soaps. The season calls for deep hydration with nutrient rich elements. What about betting on the Biocrema Moisturizing Liquid Soap or the Moisturizing Biocrema Soap?
2. Take care of very hot and long baths. The high temperature of the water removes the natural layer of fat from the skin, which functions as protection. 
3. Wear sunscreen. Just like in summer, in winter you are also exposed to the sun's rays. In fact, winter is a great time for treatments, such as spot correction.
4. Prevent cracks in the lips with the use of lip balm. Always charge in the bag or purse, and retouch as needed.
So, ready to enjoy the coldest days of the year? Whatever your skin type (dry or oily), watch out for winter care. The products of the Hydrating line, from Biocrema, can be found in pharmacies, perfumeries and supermarket chains all over Brazil, in addition to our Virtual Store www.memphisbr.com.br

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