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Founded in 1949, at Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Memphis is the fifth largest toilet soap company within Brazil. Its portfolio includes nine brands, being Alma de Flores, Senador, Biocrema and Ann Bow the most outstanding. The company is present all over Brazil as well as in four other countries.

Memphis has 300 direct and 450 indirect collaborators working at its two plants and seven logistic units.

Participating of the Quality and Productivity state program (PGQP), Memphis is certified to ISO 9001 since 1997, and to ISO 14001, since 2001, also being accredited by the sanitary control national organization (ANVISA) and the state environmental foundation (FEPAM). To assure the management transparency, it has external auditing (Big Four) since 1984 and Corporate Governance, according to the recommendations of the Corporate Governance Brazilian Institute (IBGC).




Memphis Matrix and Branch Gate - ISO 9001: "Development, production and marketing of personal care products, perfumery, industrial glycerin and packaging".

Memphis Matrix - ISO14001: "Development, production and marketing of personal care products, perfumery, industrial glycerin and packaging".

The Quality Management System covers the following units: Headquarters located in Porto Alegre, Av. João Elustondo Filho, 175, Sarandi Neighborhood and the Portão Branch, Rua Julio de Castilhos, 5008, Bairro Centro.

The Environmental Management System covers only the Matrix located in Porto Alegre.


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Definition of Business:
Emotion during the bath.
Perfume the bath through products that provide well-being and emotions.
Principles and Values
  • Continuously delight the consumer.
  • Effectiveness in customer service.
  • Profitability and economic and financial soundness.
  • Continuous stimulation of personal development, strengthening the reasons to believe in brands.
  • Work and interaction in teams, focusing on safety.
  • Continuous search for technology, innovation and knowledge applicable to the business.
  • Passion and discipline in management, with ethics and transparency.
  • Socio-environmental responsibility.
The Memphis is committed to
  • Provide unique and special moments through perfume;
  • Establish solid relationships with consumers, clients and suppliers;
  • Meet shareholder expectations;
  • Encourage the continuous development of employees;
  • Always modernize technologies, processes and products;
  • Continuously learn through quality management;
  • Respect the environment, laws, regulations and socio-environmental requirements;
  • Ensure availability of products to consumers.
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