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Our history

The path of Memphis is confused with the history of Brazilian perfumery. In 1949, a German perfumer and four partners bought cream maker Memphis, a company that has since differentiated itself in products, packaging and technology. Pioneer, was the first to distribute throughout Brazil.


It is inspired by the various types of baths and constant consumer concern that Memphis develops all its product lines. Soaps, deodorants, deo-colognes and talcs are crafted from unique compositions, a merit of Memphis since its foundation. All this thanks to the technical and professional improvement of its employees, the attendance of new consumption needs and, mainly, the use of new technology of processes and perfuming.


The company is fully computerized and all the production lines have been automated with state-of-the-art equipment. In the perfumery laboratory, the fragrances of all products that are now successful in Brazil and in the various Mercosur countries for which they are exported are developed, tested and analyzed.


More than turning raw materials into products, Memphis wants to contribute to the well-being and self-esteem of consumers. Their differentials are a solid company that constantly seeks to reaffirm their own business: transforming the bath in a moment of great pleasure.

The beginning

The history began in November 25, 1949, with the purchase of Memphis Cream, including the brand, formulas and a few machines. The company foundation was the result of the dreams and undertaking will of Carlos Lütz, Ilse Kuhlmann, Rodolfo Gros, Geraldo Caruccio and Domingos Caruccio.
In December, Memphis purchased Piva toilet soap plant, at Santiago do Boqueirão, Rio Grande do Sul state, including machinery, inventories and brands, among which Alma de Flores lotion brand.

Innovating from the first launchings

The first experience with Alma de Flores toilet soap was accomplished in March. Other toilet soaps were launched, including Matacura toilet soap. The production of Super Original toilet soap, began in August, in orchid, lavender and toilet water versions.
To innovate in delivery, Memphis began direct sales to retailers, a successful commercial strategy.

An always-remembered classic

Year of important launchings: Memphis lavender toilet soap, Alma de Flores talcum powder and the fourth perfume of Super Original toilet soap: clove.

Portfolio and manufacturing structure increase

Delia Luxe toilet soap is launched in March. During the year, investments are made to increase the manufacturing structure.

Change of name
The company's name changes to “Indústria de Sabonetes e Perfumarias Memphis Ltda”.
Value-added products and special packages

Since that time, the company thinks on packages, which differentiate from the competitors. The development of differentiated superior quality products has always positioned Memphis as a supplier of high value-added items.
This is also the year when Luvaespuma toilet soap began to be produced.

The building of the new factory

The new factory began to be built at Pernambuco street, Porto Alegre city, Rio Grande do Sul.

Incorporation of Sulplastic

Sulplastic, a supplier of plastic tubes for packages, is created.

Biocrema brand was born

Biocrema toilet soap launching.
Targeting a new market, the company began the production of Biocrema, Alma de Flores and Memphis 20 g. toilet soaps for hotels.

Purchase of brands 4 Estações, Vera, Bouquet de Orquídeas and Senador.

When buying Masi & Cia. Ltda., Memphis included Bouquet de Orquídeas, Lavanda Alpina, 4 Estações, Senador, Moiré, Lar, Vera, Pedra Chauffer brands to its portfolio.

The new Senador toilet soap

Launching of the new Senador toilet soap, with completely reformulated ingredients, format and package. 

Inauguration of the new plant at Rio Grande do Sul state

In August, Memphis moved to the new factory at Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul state. 

Launching of 4 Estações deo-cologne

The company presented 4 Estações deo-cologne to the market.

Launching of Alma de Flores Spray deodorant

Memphis enlarged its product line and launched the first spray deodorant, Alma de Flores, still a great sales success. 


On January 1st., the founder Carlos Lütz transferred the CEO position to Carlos Alberto Kroeff. Carlos Lütz became the President of the Managing Board, position he held until he passed away. 

Wastewater treatment station

Porto Alegre plant got a wastewater treatment station meeting legal requirements and established new environmental efficiency standards, reinforcing our permanent commitment to the environment.  

Purchase of Perfind perfumery

Memphis bought Perfumaria Perfind Ltda and Ann Bow and Suomi brands.
Ann Bow toilet soap glycerinated version began to be sold.

ISO 9001 certification

The company launched Biocrema 2 in 1 toilet soap and conquered ISO 9001 certification.
Memphis inaugurated a new production line of toilet soaps, with Italian state-of-the-art technology.

Modernization of product portfolio

Memphis modernized its lines with launchings in new categories: Alma de Flores cream and roll-on deodorants and Biocrema creamy toilet soap.

More news in products

Senador Classic spray deodorant, Senador Classic deodorant and Alma de Flores bathing gel are launched.

Launchings and more investments in technology
On December 5, is founded the joint venture Puig Memphis S / A . Operation with the Spanish group Puig Antonio S / A allows to package and distribute perfumes and Diavolo Diavolo Per Donna by Antonio Banderas , Brava Water and Tais.
Produção dos perfumes Puig Memphis inicia em nova unidade fabril

A Memphis inaugura uma nova fábrica, em Portão (RS), na qual produz os perfumes Puig Memphis. Novos conceitos de fabricação evitam contaminação ambiental. É iniciado o plantio de bosque de árvores nativas ameaçadas de extinção.
São lançados o Desodorantes Roll-On e Aerossol Biocrema; Linha Biocrema Baby, com sabonete e shampoo; os novos Sabonetes 4 Estações Nutrientes de Fruta; e a Linha Moiré, com ativador de cachos, shampoo, condicionador e creme para pentear.
A Memphis conquista a Certificação ISO 14001.

Lançamentos e mais investimento em tecnologia

São lançados os sabonetes Senador Fresh, Biocrema Aveia e Leite, Biocrema Leite e Mel, Hidratante e Esfoliante Moiré, e também um novo segmento de produto: os estojos, das linhas Alma de Flores Especial e Senador Fresh.
É instalada uma nova linha de produção de desodorante spray, com tecnologia de última geração.
Entra em operação o Portal Memphis, que interliga consumidores, clientes, representantes, parceiros e colaboradores.

New products in the deodorant segment

This year, Senador Fresh line added spray, aerosol and roll-on deodorants; and Alma de Flores line added an aerosol deodorant and a liquid toilet soap. Biocrema launched aerosol and roll-in deodorant in oat & milk and milk & honey lines, renewed the exfoliating toilet soap, and added a liquid toilet soap.
Memphis lavender talcum powder, spray deodorant, and the new layout of the line are launched, as well as the cases with Biocrema, Senador Fresh, Senador Classic, Asty and Memphis lavender mini-toilet soaps.
Relationships with the perfumery consultants were enlarged when implementing the computer-based program.

Memphis commemorated its 55 years with new products

Memphis commemorated its 55 years presenting a special edition of Alma de Flores toilet soap - Luz da Lua. Its success motivated the creation of Alma de Flores Luz da Lua line, including aerosol, spray, roll-on and cream deodorants.
The launching of feminine deo-colognes Donna Del Cuore, Lavanda Alpina and Suomi and masculine deo-colognes Senador and Asty placed the company within a new fragrance category.

Increasing productivity and extension of Luz da Lua line

Following the consumers' wishes, Memphis relaunched one of its great successes: Alma de Flores talcum powder case with puff and a beautiful package.  The revitalized classic was also produced in the Luz da Lua version.

Biocrema launchings reinforced concept

Biocrema moisturizers acquired three new versions for the body and new toilet soap and deodorant options. Thus, it reinforced the positioning as a complete treatment line. With the new body lotions, Memphis entered a new segment.

Innovations and conquests

Over 100 items are launched, including compact versions of roll-on and aerosol deodorants. Another novelty was Senador Platinum, the first masculine line of hygiene and beauty, including toilet soap with a strong moisturizing and perfuming appeal. Senador Sport line was inspired in the high perfume world trends, providing protection, freshness and refinement; and 4 Estações line got new packages, more attracting and modern.
Biocrema innovated with the deodorant without perfume, developed to nurture and take care of the armpit skin; Verão line for those skins harmed by the sun, chlorine and seawater; and Erva Doce line, replacing milk & honey version and adding roll-on and aerosol deodorants.
Memphis signed a joint-venture agreement with Antonio Puig, focusing personal hygiene operations.

Alma de Flores bet on new strategies

Over one hundred new products reached the market. Among them, Biocrema feet line, Senador Seduction and the renewed Alma de Flores lines.

Memphis and Alma de Flores: 60 years, the same essence

Memphis and Alma de Flores completed 60 years. The new Alma de Flores Essencia de Champagne line is launched, a toast to the Brazilian woman's vivacity - and Memphis' itself. The portfolio also added the intimate hygiene category, with Biocrema intimate toilet soap.

Moisturizing with Alma de Flores

Alma de Flores launched its moisturizing lotions and the Classic case with moisturizing lotion.  Biocrema bath moisturizers are launched and new layouts and packages of Biocrema moisturizing lotions are presented.

News and innovations

Memphis presented numberless novelties, such as the new layout of Alma de Flores line; the exchange of Lavanda and  Alfazema fragrances by the new ones Jasmin and Vanilla;  the new layouts of Ann Bow line and the launching of its liquid versions; the launching of  Senador Explorer line and two antibacterial toilet soap lines: Biocrema Protect honey and propolis and orange tree flowers.

Memphis presented an exclusive line for children

In a partnership with Warner Bros., Memphis launched the Biocrema Flinstones line, with the characters of the Cave Kids line: Pebbles, Bam-bam and Dino. The line included shampoo, conditioner, deo-cologne, talcum powder, toilet soap and liquid toilet soap.
Another novelty was the Biocrema line for Men, with products joining care and moisturizing for masculine skin. Alma de Flores cases with candles also made the year even more perfumed.

Time to increase relationships

In 2013, Memphis enlarged its contact with consumers, inaugurating Alma de Flores, Senador and Biocrema profiles in social networks. Reorganization of Memphis website let the environment more complete, objective, and dynamic.
Senador line was redesigned, now being more connected to the modern man's style.

Strength characterized Memphis 65 years

The commemoration of the 65 years included new products and new package layouts. In addition to the changes, Biocrema got Protecção Natural line, whose toilet soap eliminates 99% the bacteria. Now with an own line for children, Memphis launched Biocrema Chuá, with dermatologically balanced and tested formulae.  Citrus and Açaí spray deodorant versions of Ann Bow line, Senador Country and the Alma de Flores Queen commemorative edition reached the market. 

New Executive Presidency, Innovation with Alma de Flores and Novelties with Alma de Mulher Line

On February 1, Carlos Alberto Kroeff assumed the Presidency of the Board of Directors, transferring the Executive Presidency to his son, Raul Kroeff. With the success of Alma de Flores Queen in the previous year, the new Princess and Femme fragrances were developed in 2015, forming the Alma de Mulher line. Still in 2015 the line Alma de Flores gained redesing, making the packaging more appropriate to the modern woman, but without losing the essence of traditional Alma de Flores.

Commitment to the environment and modernization of major brands
In 2016 the brands Senator, Biocrema and 4 Stations also went through redesing. Our spray deodorants have gained biodegradable plastics, retaking our commitment to the environment.


New launches, innovations and reinforcement in commitment to the environment

In 2017 we had the redesign of the Ann Bow line, and we launched new products: aromatizers, ambient diffusers and sachets. We also had the launch of the Alcohol Bio-gel. We also had a goal for 2017 to ensure 100% of our plastics are biodegradable.

News from Biocrema and launch of the Virtual Store

In the year 2018 we launched the new format (shape) for soap Biocrema and had the launch of e-commerce enabling the commercialization of Memphis products through the internet. The electric power consumed by the Porto Alegre plant came to be supplied through the free energy market. The ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 standards have been updated and audited in the new version (2015).

Redesign of the Alma de Flores brand and launch of the Memphis Puro vegan line

In 2019 we had the redesign of the entire Alma de Flores line, presenting a more modern layout that follows the reality of Brazilian women, the brand's main consumer. In addition, we also launched a new brand, focused on vegan products. Memphis Puro is made without animal ingredients and has recyclable packaging made with seed paper. Produced in an artisanal, ethical and sustainable process, the line is totally vegan, free from animal testing.

Launch of the liquid version of Biocrema Antibacteriano

In 2020, we developed Biocrema antibacterial liquid soaps that provide greater protection and practicality for everyday life. Available in two fragrances: Lemongrass and Hibiscus Flower. They do not contain triclosan and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, with proven effectiveness on all strains tested.

Senador brand redesign

In 2021 we had a redesign of the Senador brand packaging. The proposal was to bring a cleaner and more current look, without leaving aside the Senator identity that has history and that is with you at all times, always!

Launches under the Alma de Flores and Senador brands

Em 2022 a Memphis contou com grandes lançamentos nas marcas Senador e Alma de Flores.
Na marca Senador, a novidade é a nova fragrância Gold. Uma fragrância de ouro para iniciarmos as comemorações dos 50 anos da marca, celebrados no ano de 2023.
Em Alma de Flores duas novas fragrâncias vieram para aumentar a família, a Floral Intense e a Floral Rosé, trazendo um toque de delizadeza e sofisticação.
Para finalizar, trouxemos ainda um redesign nos sabonetes líquidos antibacterianos da marca Biocrema.

Senador Stone launch + 50 years of the brand

Em 2023 a Memphis lançou a nova linha Senador Stone. Uma linha de sabonetes glicerinados, formulada com ingredientes premium e uma embalagem inovadora que transmite a pureza do produto.

A união entre tradição e inovação. As cores que se misturam à sofisticação do preto e das pedras com 3 fragrâncias incríveis! 

RED: Composto por notas clássicas e amadeiradas, ideal para quem não abre mão do requinte da tradição.

VITAL: Composto por notas de lavanda e madeira, ideal para quem busca por vitalidade e conexão com a natureza.

SUN: Composto por notas solares, quentes, ambaradas, ideal para quem busca uma fragrância energizante.

Dando continuide as comemorações do aniversário de 50 anos da marca, iniciada em 2022, também lançamos a Deo Colônia Senador Gold.

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