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Desodorante Aerossol Alma de Flores Floral Rosé 160ml

Desodorante Aerossol Alma de Flores Floral Rosé 160ml

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Living is a constant blooming. New discoveries, new experiences, new ideas at every step. So, we also changed, now we bring a new fragrance, which has the special touch of Cherry Blossom, a trend of Fine Perfumery, in addition, our aerosol deodorant is now 0% aluminum salts. The component, which blocks the skin's breathing, was left out to ensure a more natural and gentle care.

The usual well-being and protection continues! That's being a woman. This is how to be Soul of Flowers.

Protection, comfort and care. All this in Alma de Flores Floral Rosé Aerosol Deodorant! The formula does not contain aluminum salts, which block the skin's breathing, offering a smoother and more natural care, but guaranteeing the protection and well-being as always. And, the lingering fragrance is also present!


No Alma de Flores products are tested on animals.

How to use: The best way to get the most out of your aerosol is to shake it beforehand, ensuring that all the ingredients are mixed properly. To cover a more homogeneous area, apply the product at a distance of 15 cm from the armpits. Squeeze the valve for about two seconds for each armpit. Reapply whenever necessary.

Recycled material - 0%
Recyclable material - 100%

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